Entry 75: Kembali berblogging

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Hello hello… Blog sudah lama ditinggal-tinggalkan, maka harus la ditiup dahulu, buang sawang…

Sooo, I have a frickin’ cute baby now, and just to clear things, whatever you read in entry 74 is true, BUT! only for then… Now, I can’t imagine life without my little heart throb.

my harimau muda

A quick recap, I delivered at Kajang Plaza Medical Center on 25th April 2011, normal but induced. It was one of the most unforgettable moment in my life (of course la). Alhamdullilah, it was very quick and the pain was somewhat bearable (mwahaha.. dah lepas best la cakap kan…) I thank God for a husband who was with me 24/7 for the whole process, and for putting up with my mood swings all through my pantang at his parents house (blame the hormones, please).

Since my dear friend Qilot asked me about this yesterday, I will also add this in my recap – jangan teran kuat sangat. nanti anda buasir. nanti anda terseksa.

My breastfeeding journey was short 😦 which is sad since I do, really do want to breastfeed Dadam till he can’t get enough lah… but alas, kita hanya merancang. I got so swollen on a busy day one day I nearly cried while teaching in class. And the constant worry of not pumping on time, and distractions while pumping, not being able to pump… It nearly drove me crazy. Which, to mention, I think contributed to my hypertension.

Yes, 26 and living with hypertension.

So, now, I’m still stuck in this crappy place for a job, which I love, the job I mean. I’m getting the hang of teaching, though I don’t like it much on most days, and the days that I do like are few and far in between, but the satisfaction I get on those days beat all the other days hand down (ya get what i’m sayin???)

And at least I have my Master classes. Which I’m loving. 110%. I love the subjects, I love the teachers, I love the classmates, I love the work, I love the process of it all. Although I’ve botched up a test or two, and barely have time to study or do my assignments (ok, lie. I have tons of time. I just don’t manage it well.) It’s a journey and it doesn’t have to be perfect and I’m taking in whatever I get and being thankful with it.

So, watch this space, I think my next post will be on my besties’ weddings. Notice the plural form. Three of them. Yes, my besties have been busy. Coming up!


Entry 74: Ain’t Ready

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Sudah lama ku meninggalkan blog ini. Dan baru ku tahu ada umat2 yg rajin membaca blog ini rupanya… Oh well. I’m bored at the office. For those who are also bored and just happen to open my blog to read, here’s an update of my oh-so-not-interesting life.

I’m pregnant!

Ok, I’m gonna be brutally honest here and say exactly how I feel about this. I’m not loving it. Why? Because it means a huge change. It means I really have to be a grown up now. And I just realized that I am really not ready to be a grown up. Honestly I wish we have waited longer before getting pregnant. I want to enjoy marriage life, being just two people for maybe 1 or 2 years more. Being pregnant means after 9 months I literally will lose my freedom. And to think I just got it a few months ago 😦  But stupid FB and all those updates by friends about their good news and stupid me for feeling left out. Getting pregnant is a huge ass decision, a huge ass decision I took seconds to make just because I felt ‘left behind’. Stupid stupid.

But oh well. Nasi dah jadi moi. No use crying over spilled milk. *I actually cried my hearts out two months into the pregnancy when morning sickness was particularly baddd and I was so freaking disappointed with myself for getting pregnant when I am oh-so-not-ready* and my husband had no idea why I was crying. Or maybe he did. See, I haven’t even gotten to get to really know my husband and now we’re bringing someone new into our lives, someone who will be stuck with us for the next 18 years, 13 if I’m mean enough to send him/her to a boarding school. Yes, I am terrible. Again, not readyyy.

I wish I can be the wise and caring friend here by saying to other friends out there, Please, think carefully before you get pregnant. Yes it’s a wonderful blessing, one that you should truly count, but will it still be a blessing if you’re always depressed, frustrated and regretful all the while? But I’m not gona say that because you know what, I’m just gona be spiteful and not say that to anyone because I want them to go through it like I did and know and understand for themselves how I feel right now.

Just. Bad.

Entry 73: Wedding Prep (Part 2)

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Wedding Cards: This one took me months to finalise. But knowing me, I will look here and look there and confirm on one, one I really REALLY like, and then when the time comes to actually get them, I go with something else. This is one thing my husband has got to learn, or probably already learned to get used to. Anyways, about the cards, I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want anything traditional, I wanted something current, and I wanted it to be classy but with an affordable price tag. So at first I went to Jentayu Design which is in Sg Ramal, dekat giler to my husband’s home, and looked at their cards. Sangat cantik. And sangat sangat classy. And the price is okay la, but I have to add more for printed envelopes and they don’t offer free bunting. Then I went to this one place, selalu keluar iklan dalam majalah Pengantin, kedai dia kat kajang je. I went with my then-fiance, expecting really great stuff, but they were very boring and very expensive. So one day my dad got this one invitation to a wedding near our home and I looked at the card, it was very simple, but really sweet. So I looked at the back of the card and found GedungKadKahwin.com. I browsed through the website and found one card which looks almost the same as the one I had my eyes on at Jentayu and it cost 30sen less PER CARD! Of course we went there straightaway the following weekend.

Verdict: They’re a bit far from my house, their shop is located in Puchong and I did have to push them a bit to start them off with the designing process. It took me three trips to get the cards printed and ready and one more trip by Mr then-fiance to get the free bunting. Not just one free bunting but TWO! Whee~ So, with the price and overall quality, well worth the trips and the pushing.

Check them out: Gedungkadkahwin.com

Hantarans: My hantarans deco was done by my cousins, my sister and also myself, so let’s not compare them with the ones made  by boutiques and stuff. We truly are beginners in all this deco business. But I think we did pretty good. Money wise, I only spent RM300 on the materials, all bought from Nilai 3. I decided to use fresh flowers, just to give them a twist, or something like that la, so I spent about RM70 on daisises and roses and leaves and those small flowers.  All in all around RM400 plus all the miscellaneous stuff needed like glue, wires, sirih, etc. I wanted to do a grey and pink  colour theme initially, but since I could not, for the love of God, find any nice grey alas dulang, so I decided, with Along’s help, to go with black and silver. And add fresh pink-coloured flowers to it later. So I bought black and silver alas dulang, really nice shiny2 ones at 20% off okay, and sewed, YES, SEWED the silver manik trimming around it myself. With the help of my maid Kak Siti of course. I wanted to add the manik so that it’s a little heavier and would fall over the dulang nicely. And I used polystyrene as platforms. For me what’s ON the dulang matters more.

Sirih junjung tantekkk~

Verdict: Satisfied. It could used a few more tweakings and some of the dulangs did look quite bare, but my sister and cousins have done their best with the time and material given. And honestly, at the end of the day, what happens to the dulang’s deco anyways, right? I’m glad I didn’t spend tons on the hantaran, since my photographer (sila baca review and learn from my lessons, ok) didn’t really focus on them for the pictures.

Photographer: At first we wanted to ask my then-fiance’s friends to take our pictures since they take really wonderful pictures, but after meeting up and getting a quotation, we decided that it was it bit over our budget. And we didn’t want to be one of those friends who uses the phrase “ala, kawan-kawan”. I mean they’re doing a business and any client is a potential profit maker for them so it’s not fair that we ask for harga murah giler nak mampos just because “kawan”. By right, we should be offering more (abis la aku pasni kalau nak berurusniaga dengan member).

So we meet up with one or two people and honestly, I wish, oh how I wish, we had gone with the first photographer that we met at Putrajaya. At the time that we sat sown and discussed, it was obvious they were beginners, but that was back in December, or January if I remember correctly, and now, NOW, their pictures rock! But oh well. rice has become porridge. No use thinking about that now.
And the one we finally settled with? They’re called ChentaPhoto back then, but now they’re going with another name, you guys google and look around, I’m not going to ruin anybody’s periuk nasi, since only one member of the team let us down. And I just want to give a special shout out to Mus, we owe you. A lot.  I hope your business prospers.

Ok, now listen all and listen well: To all brides (and grooms) who are thinking of skimping on the people who will be taking the pictures of your special day(s)which will eternalise (new word, ok) your wedding indefinitely till the end of time (if they use kodak paper), I have one word for you: DON’T. or, maybe I should rephrase that. For all brides and grooms alike who are thinking of spending thousands on a photographer to take photos on their weddings, please DO.  And that is all I can say.

Verdict: harem jaduuu~

Check them out: better don’t.

Baju Bertandang: Ok, time for happy thoughts. After something that sucked, here’s something that rocked. My baju bertandang. A three piece kebaya pendek for me, in white and silver songket tabur. Thank you husband for letting me realise all my dreams, including this one 🙂 And to make it even better, it was damn cheap weh. My baju and husband’s baju, tailor made, was only RM400. Seriously, for all those planning your wedding out there, go check out the shops at City One plaza next to Semua House in Jalan TAR, cause they offer you nothing but bargains. Don’t bother renting from boutiques since they will most likely charge you the price of a new baju on a used and worn baju. Go get your own, and you can keep it and wear for later functions. I mean, songkets are so versatile, right?

Baju idaman hatiku

Verdict: Did you read what I wrote up there? Just loved it. And I think my make up looked better on this day also… And the free bunga tangan was not so saddening…

***Will be editing this post on Kak Hana and some pics… Tungguuu~

Entry 72: Wedding Info (Part 1)

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Reception Caterer: I initially booked a caterer from Kajang for my reception at Putrajaya, but Abah and I decided to go with something different. So we contacted a corporate / Indian wedding caterer from PJ. I got to know them from INTI where they catered the New Year celebration Hi-Tea.

Verdict: The guests said it themselves. Every time they’re asked “How’s the food?” sample answers are: “Marvellous!” “Sedap giler weyhhhh!” “Best. Something different.” “Yang hijau tu apa??? Aku tak dapat punnn…”

FYI: The green stuff is kulfi @ Indian ice cream. Great stuff I’m tellin’ ya.

Check them out: The Big Rajah

Contact: Vivian 012-3261106

Sedap woo

Nikah Caterer: Because we’ve paid a deposit to the Kajang caterer, we decided to take them as the nikah night caterer. They were really nice to let us change our minds since it wasn’t that near to the wedding date, and they even came to the house to look at the location for the canopies. The menu for the night was kampong menu and the package came complete with fruits as pencuci mulut and 2 types of kuih.

Verdict: Nice food, nice service, just plain nice! They even provided us with 2 waiters to take care of serving and cleaning. We literally did nothing. Value for money!

Check them out: RZ Catering

Contact: Pn Aliza 019-3685632 / En Rozlan 016-6991575

Nikah Baju: Material bought from Kamdar at 50% off. Satin silk with pearl and glass beads. Really nice. It was actually part of my Engagement hantaran. Hubby’s material also bought from Kamdar. Tailoring? Mine done at Auntie Nani, my tailor (ehem, and Shima’s also :p) in Seremban, hubby’s done by his uncle’s boutique in KL. Total for both outfit, complete with veil and tudung and sampin? Less than RM500. Jangat terkejut okayyy 😉


Venue: I first booked the hall that eventually became the venue for the groom’s reception at UPM, but after mulling about it, we decided to go up a notch and booked the Putrajaya Hall instead. How I got to know about it??? My sister went there to survey her wedding venue when she was getting married, and after much deliberation and agreement on Abah’s behalf, we booked the hall. Deposit paid on 1st September 2010. So people, if you want it, book fast!

Verdict: The venue was very comfortable since it provided us with a VIP room and a small lounge for guests to, well, err… lounge about.  The hall itself was just the right size for the guests we invited (800 people). Air cond worked, sound system sounded great. However, lighting was quite dim. And the changing room was very bare with only 2 chairs and a table. Lighting was very dim (the make up artist tore down a few papers covering the windows to get more light into the room). If you’re thinking of booking this venue, get yourself ready somewhere else, preferably, home, and see the technician about making the hall brighter.

Contact: Pn Nor 03-88877673 / 017-7016741

Wedding Package: Well, it’s not really a package since we only booked the bride’s reception outfits and pelamin and hall deco for both the bride’s and groom’s reception. My dress was tailored for me, based on my theme colour and design and size, but I then had to return the outfit. It’s called sewa beli or something like that. My reception pelamin was initially supposed to be a traditional pelamin kerawang (the metal tiang ones) but I so wanted those high back chairs which are more suitable with a pelamin panel (the white boxy ones). The boutique people, Kak Isha and Kak Lina was so nice in upgrading my pelamin to a pelamin panel for free!!!  But I got my high back chairs from another boutique (Butik Sri Qaseh)

Kerusi idaman ku

Verdict: The dress was exactly what I wanted and exactly how I pictured it in my mind. As mentioned in previous post (I think), I screamed when I saw it on the mannequin for the first time. I loved it. Everyone else loved it. Love love. The pelamin was gorgeous when we went to see the night before, but on the reception day itself, the big high back chairs kinda over took the pelamin. The chandelier was kinda invisible (plus it wasn’t turned on!) and there wasn’t enough space to put the thingy where we were supposed to put our feet on. But the pelamin looked great in pictures. I’m still happy 😀

The pelamin minus the humongous chairs

Minus points, the free/complimentary hand bouquet seriously looked free. It was so sad I can’t remember where or when I discarded it. Lesson: Do NOT accept complimentary stuff unless you really, reallyyyyyyyyyyy do not mind. I regret not getting my own bouquet 😦

Check them out: Isha Boutique

Contact: Kak Lina 019-2261387  / Kak Isha 019-7179232

Entry 71: Giler best sampai ditinggalkan sebulan :p

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So I’m freaking married now!

Like I said before, I don’t really feel like there’s a difference. Only that I live with my husband now instead of my parents.

I have my own house now, I do. And it’s fantastic! (awat nyaaa Brtish giler)

It’s small, but it’s cute. and comfortable. Although it can get a little bit too warm sometimes. Tapi time malam memang best kalau angin tiup masuk rumah dekat slidng door tu. Best best. I’ve always wanted to live in an apartment. And now I do! Whee~ And to top it off, I’m living in the same apartment with my sister. Tak sangka apa aku dok cakap dulu menjadi kenyataan. Haha.

So my routine hasn’t really changed. I wish INTI will change their policy soon and be more flexible with our work hours. I don’t get why we have to come to work 9 hours a day. Other universities are so flexible with their lecturer’s work hours. It’s dumb and so backward that we have to come in at 8 or 9 in the morning even though our class is at 12 or 2 or worse, 4. I am waiting for a 2 – 4 pm class as I’m typing now… at 8.30 in the morning! Korg x rase ke kitorg ni membazir resources korg je datang sini duduk dlm aircond, lampu semua on, surfing the net and chatting. Tolong lah, buka minda and make some changes!


I have been requested to ‘summarise’ my wedding prep. Next post lah! :p

Entry 70: Boleh tak?

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Hubby-to-be and I were eating nasi ayam the other day. I knowww! I ate nasi!!! It was nice so heck.
Anyways, after eating, he does what he always does after he eats – he lit up.

So I looked at him, and I said, “Do you know that smoking after a meal is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes?”
*yes, yes mau, i got this from the email you gave me*

He looked at me and smirked. Huh!

So I said some more “If you don’t start to think about stopping, I’m going to start smoking too.”

And he said “Sekeh kang.”

Ehhh… so can I sekeh you???

Entry 69: Vampire vs. Vampire

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I just came across a piece of news that says The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike will be made into a movie. Well, for starters, this is one of my all time favourite book. It comes in a series of 6 books, but I have to say I love the first book the most. The rest doesn’t even come close. In fact, it could be my all time favourite novel.

The main character in the book, Sita, to me, is like the coolest person ever. Yes, I know I’m warbling like a 13 year old girl, but that’s how old I was when I read this book. And I still think she’s cool. She kicks ass man! She uses guns. She knows martial arts. She’s a GIRL. I so wanted to be like her. And the fact that she’s immortal, well… Yes, other people at 13 wanted to be doctors or lawyers. I wanted to be a vampire who kicked ass and used Uzis while doing somersaults to kill.

There’s also another reason why I love this book. I formed a bond with someone over this book. We both love vampires. We love Sita. And for a while I was his Sita and he was my Ray (Ray is the name of Sita’s human love interest). We both wished we were vampires. We were 16. We were dumb. But we formed a bond nonetheless.

Twilight can’t even come close to the awesomeness of the characters and story in this book. This book has depth. It has dimensions. The characters grow. I was able to relate to the characters. I was able to reflect. Twilight was a flat piece of repetitive writing. Twilight sucked.

I hope they portray every single scene in the movie exactly the same way it was written in the book. I hope I can feel 13 again when watching this movie.

Ray, we so have to watch this together.