Entry 73: Wedding Prep (Part 2)

Wedding Cards: This one took me months to finalise. But knowing me, I will look here and look there and confirm on one, one I really REALLY like, and then when the time comes to actually get them, I go with something else. This is one thing my husband has got to learn, or probably already learned to get used to. Anyways, about the cards, I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want anything traditional, I wanted something current, and I wanted it to be classy but with an affordable price tag. So at first I went to Jentayu Design which is in Sg Ramal, dekat giler to my husband’s home, and looked at their cards. Sangat cantik. And sangat sangat classy. And the price is okay la, but I have to add more for printed envelopes and they don’t offer free bunting. Then I went to this one place, selalu keluar iklan dalam majalah Pengantin, kedai dia kat kajang je. I went with my then-fiance, expecting really great stuff, but they were very boring and very expensive. So one day my dad got this one invitation to a wedding near our home and I looked at the card, it was very simple, but really sweet. So I looked at the back of the card and found GedungKadKahwin.com. I browsed through the website and found one card which looks almost the same as the one I had my eyes on at Jentayu and it cost 30sen less PER CARD! Of course we went there straightaway the following weekend.

Verdict: They’re a bit far from my house, their shop is located in Puchong and I did have to push them a bit to start them off with the designing process. It took me three trips to get the cards printed and ready and one more trip by Mr then-fiance to get the free bunting. Not just one free bunting but TWO! Whee~ So, with the price and overall quality, well worth the trips and the pushing.

Check them out: Gedungkadkahwin.com

Hantarans: My hantarans deco was done by my cousins, my sister and also myself, so let’s not compare them with the ones made  by boutiques and stuff. We truly are beginners in all this deco business. But I think we did pretty good. Money wise, I only spent RM300 on the materials, all bought from Nilai 3. I decided to use fresh flowers, just to give them a twist, or something like that la, so I spent about RM70 on daisises and roses and leaves and those small flowers.  All in all around RM400 plus all the miscellaneous stuff needed like glue, wires, sirih, etc. I wanted to do a grey and pink  colour theme initially, but since I could not, for the love of God, find any nice grey alas dulang, so I decided, with Along’s help, to go with black and silver. And add fresh pink-coloured flowers to it later. So I bought black and silver alas dulang, really nice shiny2 ones at 20% off okay, and sewed, YES, SEWED the silver manik trimming around it myself. With the help of my maid Kak Siti of course. I wanted to add the manik so that it’s a little heavier and would fall over the dulang nicely. And I used polystyrene as platforms. For me what’s ON the dulang matters more.

Sirih junjung tantekkk~

Verdict: Satisfied. It could used a few more tweakings and some of the dulangs did look quite bare, but my sister and cousins have done their best with the time and material given. And honestly, at the end of the day, what happens to the dulang’s deco anyways, right? I’m glad I didn’t spend tons on the hantaran, since my photographer (sila baca review and learn from my lessons, ok) didn’t really focus on them for the pictures.

Photographer: At first we wanted to ask my then-fiance’s friends to take our pictures since they take really wonderful pictures, but after meeting up and getting a quotation, we decided that it was it bit over our budget. And we didn’t want to be one of those friends who uses the phrase “ala, kawan-kawan”. I mean they’re doing a business and any client is a potential profit maker for them so it’s not fair that we ask for harga murah giler nak mampos just because “kawan”. By right, we should be offering more (abis la aku pasni kalau nak berurusniaga dengan member).

So we meet up with one or two people and honestly, I wish, oh how I wish, we had gone with the first photographer that we met at Putrajaya. At the time that we sat sown and discussed, it was obvious they were beginners, but that was back in December, or January if I remember correctly, and now, NOW, their pictures rock! But oh well. rice has become porridge. No use thinking about that now.
And the one we finally settled with? They’re called ChentaPhoto back then, but now they’re going with another name, you guys google and look around, I’m not going to ruin anybody’s periuk nasi, since only one member of the team let us down. And I just want to give a special shout out to Mus, we owe you. A lot.  I hope your business prospers.

Ok, now listen all and listen well: To all brides (and grooms) who are thinking of skimping on the people who will be taking the pictures of your special day(s)which will eternalise (new word, ok) your wedding indefinitely till the end of time (if they use kodak paper), I have one word for you: DON’T. or, maybe I should rephrase that. For all brides and grooms alike who are thinking of spending thousands on a photographer to take photos on their weddings, please DO.  And that is all I can say.

Verdict: harem jaduuu~

Check them out: better don’t.

Baju Bertandang: Ok, time for happy thoughts. After something that sucked, here’s something that rocked. My baju bertandang. A three piece kebaya pendek for me, in white and silver songket tabur. Thank you husband for letting me realise all my dreams, including this one 🙂 And to make it even better, it was damn cheap weh. My baju and husband’s baju, tailor made, was only RM400. Seriously, for all those planning your wedding out there, go check out the shops at City One plaza next to Semua House in Jalan TAR, cause they offer you nothing but bargains. Don’t bother renting from boutiques since they will most likely charge you the price of a new baju on a used and worn baju. Go get your own, and you can keep it and wear for later functions. I mean, songkets are so versatile, right?

Baju idaman hatiku

Verdict: Did you read what I wrote up there? Just loved it. And I think my make up looked better on this day also… And the free bunga tangan was not so saddening…

***Will be editing this post on Kak Hana and some pics… Tungguuu~


~ by shikuzika on August 15, 2010.

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