Entry 75: Kembali berblogging

Hello hello… Blog sudah lama ditinggal-tinggalkan, maka harus la ditiup dahulu, buang sawang…

Sooo, I have a frickin’ cute baby now, and just to clear things, whatever you read in entry 74 is true, BUT! only for then… Now, I can’t imagine life without my little heart throb.

my harimau muda

A quick recap, I delivered at Kajang Plaza Medical Center on 25th April 2011, normal but induced. It was one of the most unforgettable moment in my life (of course la). Alhamdullilah, it was very quick and the pain was somewhat bearable (mwahaha.. dah lepas best la cakap kan…) I thank God for a husband who was with me 24/7 for the whole process, and for putting up with my mood swings all through my pantang at his parents house (blame the hormones, please).

Since my dear friend Qilot asked me about this yesterday, I will also add this in my recap – jangan teran kuat sangat. nanti anda buasir. nanti anda terseksa.

My breastfeeding journey was short 😦 which is sad since I do, really do want to breastfeed Dadam till he can’t get enough lah… but alas, kita hanya merancang. I got so swollen on a busy day one day I nearly cried while teaching in class. And the constant worry of not pumping on time, and distractions while pumping, not being able to pump… It nearly drove me crazy. Which, to mention, I think contributed to my hypertension.

Yes, 26 and living with hypertension.

So, now, I’m still stuck in this crappy place for a job, which I love, the job I mean. I’m getting the hang of teaching, though I don’t like it much on most days, and the days that I do like are few and far in between, but the satisfaction I get on those days beat all the other days hand down (ya get what i’m sayin???)

And at least I have my Master classes. Which I’m loving. 110%. I love the subjects, I love the teachers, I love the classmates, I love the work, I love the process of it all. Although I’ve botched up a test or two, and barely have time to study or do my assignments (ok, lie. I have tons of time. I just don’t manage it well.) It’s a journey and it doesn’t have to be perfect and I’m taking in whatever I get and being thankful with it.

So, watch this space, I think my next post will be on my besties’ weddings. Notice the plural form. Three of them. Yes, my besties have been busy. Coming up!


~ by shikuzika on December 13, 2011.

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