Entry 72: Wedding Info (Part 1)

Reception Caterer: I initially booked a caterer from Kajang for my reception at Putrajaya, but Abah and I decided to go with something different. So we contacted a corporate / Indian wedding caterer from PJ. I got to know them from INTI where they catered the New Year celebration Hi-Tea.

Verdict: The guests said it themselves. Every time they’re asked “How’s the food?” sample answers are: “Marvellous!” “Sedap giler weyhhhh!” “Best. Something different.” “Yang hijau tu apa??? Aku tak dapat punnn…”

FYI: The green stuff is kulfi @ Indian ice cream. Great stuff I’m tellin’ ya.

Check them out: The Big Rajah

Contact: Vivian 012-3261106

Sedap woo

Nikah Caterer: Because we’ve paid a deposit to the Kajang caterer, we decided to take them as the nikah night caterer. They were really nice to let us change our minds since it wasn’t that near to the wedding date, and they even came to the house to look at the location for the canopies. The menu for the night was kampong menu and the package came complete with fruits as pencuci mulut and 2 types of kuih.

Verdict: Nice food, nice service, just plain nice! They even provided us with 2 waiters to take care of serving and cleaning. We literally did nothing. Value for money!

Check them out: RZ Catering

Contact: Pn Aliza 019-3685632 / En Rozlan 016-6991575

Nikah Baju: Material bought from Kamdar at 50% off. Satin silk with pearl and glass beads. Really nice. It was actually part of my Engagement hantaran. Hubby’s material also bought from Kamdar. Tailoring? Mine done at Auntie Nani, my tailor (ehem, and Shima’s also :p) in Seremban, hubby’s done by his uncle’s boutique in KL. Total for both outfit, complete with veil and tudung and sampin? Less than RM500. Jangat terkejut okayyy 😉


Venue: I first booked the hall that eventually became the venue for the groom’s reception at UPM, but after mulling about it, we decided to go up a notch and booked the Putrajaya Hall instead. How I got to know about it??? My sister went there to survey her wedding venue when she was getting married, and after much deliberation and agreement on Abah’s behalf, we booked the hall. Deposit paid on 1st September 2010. So people, if you want it, book fast!

Verdict: The venue was very comfortable since it provided us with a VIP room and a small lounge for guests to, well, err… lounge about.  The hall itself was just the right size for the guests we invited (800 people). Air cond worked, sound system sounded great. However, lighting was quite dim. And the changing room was very bare with only 2 chairs and a table. Lighting was very dim (the make up artist tore down a few papers covering the windows to get more light into the room). If you’re thinking of booking this venue, get yourself ready somewhere else, preferably, home, and see the technician about making the hall brighter.

Contact: Pn Nor 03-88877673 / 017-7016741

Wedding Package: Well, it’s not really a package since we only booked the bride’s reception outfits and pelamin and hall deco for both the bride’s and groom’s reception. My dress was tailored for me, based on my theme colour and design and size, but I then had to return the outfit. It’s called sewa beli or something like that. My reception pelamin was initially supposed to be a traditional pelamin kerawang (the metal tiang ones) but I so wanted those high back chairs which are more suitable with a pelamin panel (the white boxy ones). The boutique people, Kak Isha and Kak Lina was so nice in upgrading my pelamin to a pelamin panel for free!!!  But I got my high back chairs from another boutique (Butik Sri Qaseh)

Kerusi idaman ku

Verdict: The dress was exactly what I wanted and exactly how I pictured it in my mind. As mentioned in previous post (I think), I screamed when I saw it on the mannequin for the first time. I loved it. Everyone else loved it. Love love. The pelamin was gorgeous when we went to see the night before, but on the reception day itself, the big high back chairs kinda over took the pelamin. The chandelier was kinda invisible (plus it wasn’t turned on!) and there wasn’t enough space to put the thingy where we were supposed to put our feet on. But the pelamin looked great in pictures. I’m still happy 😀

The pelamin minus the humongous chairs

Minus points, the free/complimentary hand bouquet seriously looked free. It was so sad I can’t remember where or when I discarded it. Lesson: Do NOT accept complimentary stuff unless you really, reallyyyyyyyyyyy do not mind. I regret not getting my own bouquet 😦

Check them out: Isha Boutique

Contact: Kak Lina 019-2261387  / Kak Isha 019-7179232


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